A Simple Guide to the Most Beautiful Beaches in Florida 

For some people, their idea of holiday hell is to spend a week or more lying on the beach, soaking up the sun and reading as many books as possible while sipping cocktails and developing a golden-brown hue, yet for others, this is their ideal vacation.

If you are a member of the latter group, then you have definitely clicked on the right article, as here is a simple guide to the most beautiful beaches in Florida. 

Clearwater Beach, Gulf Coast

Family vacations in Florida are enjoyed by thousands and thousands of people each and every year in one of the most beautiful and popular Florida beaches of them all: Clearwater Beach on the Gulf Coast.

Rollerblading and cycling are popular pastimes along the Beach Walk Promenade, and when you and your family need some shade and refreshment from the heat, Clearwater Marine Aquarium is just a little way inland. 

If you are planning on spending an entire day soaking up the Florida sunshine and swimming in the sea, then be sure to leave your hotel early to get a good spot on the beach!

Bowman’s Beach, Sanibel Island 

One of the best ways to get back to nature, reconnect with the living world around you, and experience all the core benefits of sleeping under the stars is to look into beach camping in Florida, which is an affordable way to holiday. 

Should you choose the camping option, look no further than Bowman’s Beach, just off Sanibel Island, which is one of the most undeveloped of all Florida’s beautiful beaches and is considerably less crowded.

Additionally, there are many provisions for watersports, such as canoeing and sailing, in this area, with specific emphasis on windsurfing. For those who prefer to sunbathe, the white sands are unparalleled in beauty. 

Haulover Beach, Miami Beach

With more and more attention being focused on the growing nudist communities throughout the country and encompassing the very first official nudist beach in the entire state, Haulover Beach on the northern end of Miami Beach also deserves a mention.

Haulover Beach is generally considered to be the more accepting and diverse sunbathing area, as not only are sections of the sandy stretch nudist-approved, but there are also just under one and a half miles of beachfront where dogs can roam freely, and there are LGBTQ sections too. 

Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge 

Finally, virtually mid-way along the east coast of Florida is a huge space of shoreline habitat and beach called Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge.

If you enjoy exploring and ensconcing yourself in the local wildlife, as well as contributing to helping rare and endangered species, then head to Archie Carr, which is between Wabasso Beach and Melbourne Beach. 

Archie Carr actually happens to be North America’s largest area for nesting green turtles and the world’s most well-known place for sea turtle conservation, so you are likely to spot some of these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat here, too. 

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