Dancewear Maintenance: How to Take Care of Your Dance Clothes Properly

Dancing has been one of the most loved physical activities of all ages. Kids and adults enrol in dance classes to learn more about the craft. But aside from learning the steps for the next performance,x you must learn to care for your dancewear to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Keeping your dance costume clean is crucial to keep you comfortable while dancing. It will also help you save money from buying dance clothes repeatedly. So, if you have no idea how to care for your dance attires, you need to learn about the following tricks.


Washing the dance costumes is a must, especially after a rigorous dance class or performance. And since sweating while dancing is inevitable, you need to wash your dancing clothes to get rid of all the sweat smells and possible body odours from the fabric.

So to wash your dance clothes properly, you need to do the following:

  1. Choose the Right Detergent

Since time immemorial, people have used alkali-based laundry soap to wash their clothes. Unfortunately, alkalis cannot differentiate between fabric and stains. It only concentrates on cleaning everything they come in contact with. As a result, your clothes will become old faster and turn shabby more quickly.

But, to preserve the integrity of your dance attire, you must look for an enzyme-based detergent. It can effectively help lift dirt from the fabric without damaging the cloth. Highly-concentrated plant-based detergents are also better for the skin and the environment.

  1. Avoid Too Much Heat

Elastic fibres cannot stand hot water. So, when washing your leotards, tights, and elastic headbands, you must use warm water for proper cleaning. Meanwhile, hot water can shrink the fabric, causing all the elastic fibres to detach and lose elasticity.

In addition, you must hang your newly-washed dancewear to air dry instead of putting it inside the dryer. These delicate clothes cannot stand the heat from the drying machine, so let them dry naturally.

  1. Use a Washing Bag

Since most dance clothes are usually made with delicate fabric, you must place them in a mesh bag or a lingerie wash bag before placing them inside the washer. The wash bag will help it avoid snagging on every garment inside the wash. As a result, you do not have to worry about finding runs on your leotards or losing the lace on your tutus.

While Wearing

Aside from washing your dance clothes, it is also necessary to be mindful when putting on them. For example, you must check your nails when trying to put on your tights. Your nails might cling to the delicate fabric, causing it to tear.

So, if you notice that you get a pick in your tights, you must avoid pulling the loose thread. You can opt to leave the thread untouched and expect nothing bad to happen. You also can put a tiny dab of clear nail polish on the area to avoid it from getting bigger.

Aside from these tips, you must also know how to keep your dance costumes properly after washing and wearing them. And as much as possible, you must air your dance costumes when not in use since it will avoid moisture and sweat build-ups. More importantly, you need to invest in a couple of dance attires if you are serious about your dancing and plan to keep doing the activity for a long time.