How Often Should You Go to the Doctor?

How Often Should You Go to the Doctor?:- Going to the doctor’s can be expensive. In fact, almost one out of four Americans avoids routine medical care — including getting a check-up — because of financial concerns. 

If you are trying to make ends meet while still staying healthy, you’re probably wondering: how often should I get a check-up?

If you’re indeed wondering how often should you go to the doctor, keep reading. This article is your guide to knowing when to get a check-up without breaking the bank. 

Regular Checkups

You may have heard the “once a year” rule about getting a checkup. While opinions vary, most experts agree that many people don’t need to see their doctor that frequently. 

Many healthy adults only need to go to the doctor’s once every three years. You can safely sign up for tri-annual checkups if you:

  • Are a young or middle-aged adult (between 18 and 50 years old)
  • Have no diagnosed health issues
  • Have no new symptoms 

However, this guideline doesn’t apply to older and younger people. Children need more frequent visits to ensure that they are growing properly.

Older people need to see the doctor more often too. Even if they’re healthy, People over the age of 50 should stick to the “once a year” rule. This gives you a better chance of catching new health issues that commonly occur among older people. 

How Often Should You Go to the Doctor?

Managing Health Issues

You may be one of the 60% of Americans who live with one or more chronic health conditions. If that’s the case, you’ll need more than the minimum check-up appointments. 

For those with chronic health issues, the answer to the question “How often should you go to the doctor?” is “As often as you need to.” 

Your doctor’s appointments may involve:

  • Regular assessments of your health
  • Managing new problems
  • Filling your medication prescriptions

Make an appointment to get a check-up whenever you notice a major change in your symptoms. 

Even if you have a chronic health condition that you have regular doctor’s appointments for, don’t forget to have full-body checkups as well. You may need to get a check-up more frequently than people without underlying health problems.

Filling Prescriptions Without Visiting a Doctor

However, if you find that you’re going to the doctor’s for no other reason than to get your prescription filled, you may be wondering: is there a less costly way to fill my prescription?

If you are managing your health condition well and you only see your doctor so that they can sign off on your regular prescription refills, you might be eligible to fill prescriptions online

Getting your prescription filled online saves you time and money by spacing out your doctor’s appointments. Even better, when you do make an appointment, it lets you spend your valuable appointment time focusing on what matters: helping you feel better. 

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How Often Should You Go to the Doctor?

When it comes to making doctor’s appointments, the adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true. 

If you’re asking, “How often should you go to the doctor?” the answer is “as often as it takes for you to stay healthy.” With these guidelines, you’ll be able to book your doctor’s appointments with confidence — and hopefully save some money too.

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