Online Casino Industry Report: Indian Games Not So Popular

The multifarious universe of Indian online casinos is a realm where cultural traditions and global influences intersect, shaping the landscape of popular games and real money player preferences in the country.

A recently released research paper by SevenJackpots under the title “Top Game Shows and Live Casino Classics Captivate India” sheds light on the dynamics of the Indian online casino market.

The industry report, based on real data on turnovers and user shares provided by the Casino Days platform, analyzes the way worldwide trends have blended with Indian culture and traditions in terms of shooting certain casino games to the front, while paying way less attention to others.

Even Chinese Games Supercede Traditional Desi Games

Despite originating from a dedicated Indian casino gaming platform, the Casino Days provided data reveals that traditional Indian games Andar Bahar and Teen Patti have garnered relatively low popularity compared to their Western counterparts such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

Surprisingly, even other Asian games of Chinese origin like Sic Bo have outshined these desi favourites. Sic Bo, in particular, commands a share of 3.06% of all operator turnovers, surpassing Indian games Andar Bahar (2.97%) and Teen Patti (1.67%). Another game of Chinese descent – Dragon Tiger (2.27%), is ranked below Andar Bahar, but way above Teen Patti.

The relative prominence of Sic Bo, rooted in the Chinese heritage, over Indian-origin games is a fascinating testament to how cultural influences transcend borders, even in the realm of gambling entertainment.

European and American Casino Classics Take Center Stage

When it comes to classic Western games coming from the iconic European and American casino scenes, Indian players exhibit a significantly higher affinity for gaming categories like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and slots.

The Casino Days data highlights the dominance of these games on the virtual casino floor. Roulette, with a substantial turnover share of 22.91%, emerges as the most important game type for the operator, closely followed by blackjack (16.11%) and baccarat (7.45%).

Even slots, with a share of 4.59%, have a contribution to the operator’s turnover which is higher than any Asian or Indian game category.

The popularity of Western casino classics revealed by the SevenJackpots paper underscores the global nature of the online casino industry and the way players across different cultures are drawn to the excitement and thrill offered by these timeless games.

As the analysed data shows, the preferences of Indian players align with those of international counterparts, revealing the universal appeal of classic casino offerings.

Game Shows Are the Supreme Leader in Popularity

Among the competition of the whole variety of Western and Asian casino games, Game shows have carved a unique niche in the world of online casinos. With a remarkable operator turnover share of 34.48%, game shows emerge as the supreme leader in popularity.

These live casino-studio adaptations of classic TV game shows have turned into an innovative real money game format that tops the charts. Their interactive and dynamic nature, coupled with charismatic hosts and immersive gameplay, create an engaging and social gaming experience that is appealing to many.

The rise of game shows in the online casino realm mirrors their success in traditional television formats. The transition from passive viewing to active participation has been seamlessly integrated into the gaming landscape, offering players a chance to be part of the action and decision-making process.

The SevenJackpots research paper provides a comprehensive insight into the intricate tapestry of the Indian online casino market. The data underscores the interplay between traditional Indian games, Western casino classics, and the global phenomenon of game shows.

The Indian market’s embrace of both classic Western games and innovative game shows reflects a rapidly maturing and dynamic player base that eagerly explores the spectrum of gaming experiences. Ultimately, the shared data from Casino Days serves as a testament to the industry’s ability to adapt to changing preferences while offering a diverse range of entertainment options to players across the globe.

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