PDFBear: 4 Amazing Functions of a Word To PDF Converter

Why transform your Word document to PDF? Do you think it is a better format than Word? Well, PDF is a print-ready format. It produces good quality output as it has a fixed layout. Its content is non-editable. Thus, it will not be distorted while printing. Its appearance on the screen will be the same on a printed copy. Oftentimes, the content of the files is altered when transferring. However, it doesn’t happen to PDF. Since it is a view-only format, you can share files at ease. Unlikely, Microsoft Word might not be compatible with all operating systems, but PDF is. Regardless if you are using Linux, Mac, or Windows, PDF is still accessible. Apart from this, PDF can combine multiple formats. Other than text, it can import images, vector graphics, and spreadsheets and place them in a single file.

For this reason, most online content materials are in PDF. Newsletters, manuals, ebooks, and catalogs, to name a few. It produces high-quality documents and is very compact. PDF can be compressed into smaller size files but still of the same quality. This makes it an ideal document formatting to use. With the right conversion tool, such as the PDFBear, there’s more to discover how to transform your word file to a PDF form.

1.  Arrange PDF Easily With PDFBear

Using the PDFBear Word to PDF, you can organize various files. Aside from basic conversion, you can merge many documents. Simply select and upload the files you want to combine. You may opt to modify your files if needed. Then the file combiner does its function. Afterward, your files are now a single file. You can store it to your local storage, dropbox, or google drive.

Furthermore, there’s also an option to split the merged pdf. From the uploaded file, choose the pages you would like to separate from the original file. Then, click to refine the selected pages and export them into a single PDF. After exporting, split PDF is now downloadable. Another useful function of the converter is it can remove pages of the files. Choose and enter the pages not you would want to delete and click apply changes. Changes will be made, and an updated file will be ready to download.

2.  Optimize PDF

Optimize your PDF file by compressing and repairing it. When compressing, upload your selected pdf. There are two compression types. Basic compression is in medium file size and of high quality. This is free. The second type is strong compression. It is available for the Pro version. It can compress to the smallest file size. PDR Bear also has an online repair tool. You can use it to repair corrupted PDF documents. By uploading the damaged file, the PDFBear will examine and analyze the file. Not all files may be recovered, but the system will avoid making it any worse. You may check the recovered content of the file once completed.

3.  Edit and View PDF

PDF files are not editable unless you have the converter that does so. In PDFBear, there are many options to change a document. You can edit the file itself. Users can highlight certain content, draw, and add text or shapes. It offers a preview of the file before printing it. Through this PDF converter, sharing is made convenient as well. You can upload the document to share and input the recipient’s email. You can add a short message to the recipient. You can send the file directly by email. You may also copy the link and share it. More than that, you can also assign numbers to the pages.

PDFBear also allows the user to create a watermark and place it anywhere on the pages. Some PDF sometimes varies in page layout. Pages might be a combination of landscape and portrait page layout. Some are upside down. There’s no uniformity. This will be hard to view and read. But PDFBear can fix this. It has an option to rotate pages according to preference. If you have business contracts in pdf, this converter has an eSign function, and you can even add an electronic signature to your pdf.

4.  PDF Security

Your files might contain sensitive data. Through PDFBear, you can safeguard them by creating a password. Unauthorized access and alteration to files will be avoided. Also, it has an unlocking option if you wish to remove the password.

In Conclusion

PDFBear does not just do the basic conversion. It does a lot more, and these functions include arranging the file. Users can merge, split and remove unnecessary pages to their files quickly and easily. You can do optimization by compressing your pdf documents. It does recover corrupted pages too. Files are only editable with a converter. You can add text, shapes and highlight some content. It has a preview option and allows you to rotate PDF pages if all are not of the same layout. An electronic signature is possible with a PDFBear as well. Lastly, this conversion tool allows you to encrypt your file with a password for data security and has unlocking features.

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