SnapInsta – The Best IGTV Downloader for Instagram 2021

You already know the newest feature of Instagram is Instagram Reels. This feature, although born late, was created to compete in tandem with TikTok, but has become dominant, prominent and overwhelms another Instagram feature, IGTV. 

IGTV is not a new feature but it is not really popular and used optimally. Currently, many users are still unaware of the existence of this feature. But for creators who see Instagram as a tool to earn income, IGTV is a powerful tool.

However, users who love IGTV, all complain about not being able to download IGTV videos to their devices as well as post them on other social networking platforms. 

Are you also curious about how to download IGTV? Keep an eye on this article because we want to provide you with a great tool – SnapInsta – to help you download IGTV videos effectively.

What is SnapInsta online IG downloader?

Before you learn about SnapInsta, we will explain to you the concept of “IG downloader online”. This is a term used to refer to tools that support the download of content types, Instagram stories online on the Internet. In addition to IG downloader online you can also use apps as well as many other ways to download Instagram photos and videos.

With the above concept, SnapInsta is also considered an online IG downloader. This tool supports downloading photos, regular videos, stories, Reels, and even IGTV with outstanding speed and is completely free.

What is Instagram’s IGTV feature?

If you are starting to learn about IGTV on Instagram then you should read this as we will help you better understand this useful feature.

Image social network Instagram – owned by Facebook – has launched a new feature called IGTV specifically for long videos. According to a statement from Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, IGTV is designed to make it easier for you to find and watch long videos on your smartphone and adds some features that YouTube doesn’t have.

This is Instagram’s move to attack the YouTube app mobile video segment dominated for over a decade. IGTV could also cause more trouble for Snapchat – a platform that tries to make vertical video the most popular format among younger generations and netizens. 

To use this feature you need to update the Instagram app, and then access your Instagram account. Click on the plus sign and select the type of IGTV post cover. Then feel free to get creative with this feature.

Why should you use SnapInsta to download IGTV?

You may have come across many tools and different ways to efficiently download Instagram photos and videos. However, today we are going to introduce an extremely useful new tool with outstanding loading efficiency. That’s SnapInsta – Instagram downloader.

SnapInsta’s outstanding features:

  • With this tool, you can download unlimited photos/videos for free.
  • You don’t need to sign up for an account to be able to download Instagram content, so your personal information is completely secure.
  • You can get Reels, IGTV, Instagram videos, stories, and photos with just a few quick and simple clicks.
  • You don’t have to worry about download quality because videos and photos are always downloaded at their original resolution and quality.
  • SnapInsta is an online tool so you don’t have to download it at all. So you don’t need to worry SnapInsta will consume device space like apps.
  • Alternatively, you can Instagram video download and save from a separate account.
  • Most of the download sites these days have relatively good download speeds. However, Snapinsta is considered the fastest download tool today.

How to use SnapInsta to download IGTV efficiently and quickly

Downloading IGTV videos will be really simple with SnapInsta if you follow the steps that I provide below.

  • First, you need to open Instagram and select the IGTV video you need to download.
  • Next, copy the post link by clicking on the “…”
  • After you have finished copying the video URL, you need to visit the SnapInsta website on your Internet browser.
  • Next, select the IGTV video download mode. Note, in case you need to download photos, videos, stories, or Reels, please select the appropriate download mode.
  • Paste the URL into the “Paste URL Instagram” box and select the blue “Download” button next to it.
  • Continue to select “Download Video” again to complete the download process.

You can then fully review the video offline on your device as well as repost it on other social media platforms.


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