Who is the king of football?

Basically from the moment when football was born as a sport, there has been a quest to find the best player. If you have a favorite name, you can visit www.1xbet.in/live/football and bet on it. However, with football being played for more than 100 years at a professional level, it is possible not only to speak about who is the best player now. It is also possible to debate who is the best player of all time. Some names that are regularly thrown into this list are:

  • Garrincha;
  • Zinedine Zidane;
  • Alfredo Di Stefano;
  • Ronaldo Nazario;
  • Johan Cruyff;
  • and Michel Platini.

The 1xBet online bookmaker is always available for punters to start making their winning bets on the best footballers in the world. Those names are going to be present in almost every list, yet, they will still be absent on some of them.

However, there are two names that are never absent in any list of the best football players in the history of the sport. Fans and experts constantly debate about these two names to see who is the greatest ever: Pelé and Diego Maradona.

The legendary Edson Arantes do Nascimento

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé, is for many the best player in the history of the sport. Punters right now will find no magic, you just win – sports online betting  -1xBet is filled with chances to wager on Brazilian players.

Pelé’s life and career could fill entire books. However, to make a very brief summary, there are many things that make him the best ever for many people. For example, he guided the Brazilian national team to three FIFA World Cup titles. When visiting the 1xBet online sports betting website, you will see that there is no magic, you just win with the excellent wagering options available.

Additionally, he was capable of playing as a striker or as an attacking midfielder. He had a powerful shot with both legs, and also had the ability to anticipate what defenders were going to do and avoid them. Because of this and many other reasons, Pelé is called “O Rei”, which means “The King” in Portuguese.

The mythical Diego Armando Maradona

Brazil and Argentina are huge rivals on many things. The https://1xbet.in website is ready for making wagers on Argentinian and Brazilian football. They also argue when debating on who is the best player of all time.

If Brazilians have Pelé, the Argentinians have Diego Maradona. The latter was an exceptionally skilled player who had dribbling skills like probably no other player has ever had. He is remembered for scoring some of the most beautiful goals in the history of the sport. Also, he guided Argentina to their second FIFA World Cup title ever in 1986. These tournaments are also present on the 1xBet website.

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