Why the change of ownership at Newcastle is bad news for a number of top Premier League clubs?

While the fans of the “forty” revel in the optimism caused by the departure of the hated Mike Ashley, and also figure out which of the stars of world football in the near future will be able to see at their native “St. James’s Park”, the heads of other Premier League clubs for the most part seem to be fidgeted in their chairs, trying to find an answer to the question of what it means to change the owner of Newcastle and how it will affect them specifically.

Why are the Premier League clubs not happy that another club will begin to develop rapidly? Are they afraid of competition? There are not so many places in Eurocups, and there are more and more strong clubs in England. Kau think who will play in the Champions League this year? Try sport betting on 22Bet.

It’s no joke, but literally in one day, Newcastle turned from a club that would be happy to receive an invitation to a “dinner party” from the “mighty of this world”, into one who is able to organize prestigious gatherings on his own, staying during the process in head of the table. If not so long ago fans of the “forty” cursed Ashley and looked uncertainly into tomorrow, thinking with horror at the prospects of being in the Championship, now they are happily rubbing their hands, because they understand that a club with such finances will not fly out of the Premier League by 99.9% this season, and then will only go up.

Right now, Newcastle is the richest football club in the world. The fortune of the latter is estimated at 320 billion pounds, which is more than 100 billion more than those of the owners of Paris Saint-Germain, and more than tenfold – the figures related to the wealth of investors in Manchester City. Of course, money in a literal sense does not play football, and therefore Newcastle is not able to become the Premier League champion at a click, overthrowing the Citizens and other giants of the league right now, but in the short term, the Magpies may well and should even aim at the top a line in the standings at the end of the championship and the “gold” that it brings.

However, the growth of Newcastle’s results will invariably lead to the fact that one of the current giants of the Premier League will roll down. This is a natural process, as a league cannot have two champions and five or six teams in the Champions League with a quota of four clubs. There are suspicions that in the near future everything will be all right with Manchester City, as well as with Chelsea, where after the arrival of Roman Abramovich, everything was initially built under the capital of the owner.

The trio from Newcastle, Manchester City and Chelsea may well be key in determining the Premier League champion for the coming years, although Manchester United, in which the Glazers are very interested in both a successful commercial project, and this is directly related to the basic ability to keep words of ambition with minimal results.

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