5 Benefits For Adding Elevator Shoes To Your Wardrobe

There are five benefits to wearing Elevator shoes; let’s run through them.

Height Increase    

By wearing Elevator shoes, you can add anything from 2 to 5 inches, depending on your chosen shoes. That means if your height is 5 feet 9 inches and you wear an Elevator shoe with a 5-inch heel, your new height would be 6 feet 2 inches! The hidden inserts in the inner and outer soles achieve additional height and give the illusion of being taller.


Consumers should never be compromised on comfort, no matter what style or brand of shoes you wear. No one wants to spend hours of the day wearing shoes that leave you in agony. Well-made Elevator shoescushion your feet with some crafted with a memory foam layer that fits your shoe shape. As with all shoes, choose brands made using genuine leather and high-quality insoles. You may find Elevator shoes comfier than regular shoes.

  • Posture     

Ill-fitting shoes will negatively affect your posture, causing back pain and long-term damage. So choosing shoes that provide adequate support is essential. Elevator shoes are specially designed to provide added support for good posture, helping you walk straight and stand with square shoulders.

  • Style   

Many women get their first impressions of men by looking at their shoes. Trying to persuade a woman for a date while wearing a dodgy pair of shoes will result in a big, fat rejection. A stylish pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes shouts maturity, attractiveness, confidence, and intelligence. Elevator shoes are available in various ‘traditional’ styles, suitable for any occasion; casual, boots, office wear, formal, trainers, and classic. There are certainly no limitations on designs or colors.

  • Confidence

Everything flows from feeling confident. When you think positively about yourself, good things will come. So if you feel insecure about your height but walk taller wearing a pair of Elevator shoes, it has my vote. Don’t worry about how others view your choice to increase your height; your newfound demeanor will be evident for all to see.

Many well-known Elevator shoe designers have been making height-increasing shoes for years and take great pride in their hand-made service. Their price ranges vary with something to suit everyone’s budget, although I would never suggest buying cheap shoes, EVER!

So, if you aren’t entirely satisfied with your height and want to gain more confidence with a taller stature, then why not give GuidoMaggi elevator shoes a try. It’s not a false advertisement; it’s enhancing what you have.

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