Buy Bitcoin From Turkey – Understanding the Popular Platforms

Turkey is an ever-growing crypto hub with many entrants looking for Bitcoin (BTC). The popularity of this crypto is attributed to its current high value against the US dollar and continuous growth in value since its inception in 2009.

It is easy to buy Bitcoin from Turkey using the right platform whether you are a beginner or seasoned cryptocurrency trader. This article will highlight the most popular platforms where most Turkish crypto investors buy BTC conveniently.


As mentioned, Turkey has an ever-evolving crypto sector, and Nakitcoins is proof of this. This is a physical crypto office located in different cities such as Istanbul and Antalya where you just walk in and buy and sell cryptocurrencies. If you specifically want to buy Bitcoin from Turkey, this platform is worth considering. Apart from the convenience of a physical assistant, it is also affordable and secure. Give it a shot today and you will not regret it.


This is an online crypto exchange platform that operates in Turkey and many other countries. Many enthusiasts prefer kuCoin because it is affordable and also offers bonuses for referrals. Like many other ever-evolving crypto exchanges in Turkey, this one has modern features to help anyone buy Bitcoin from Turkey conveniently, securely, and affordably. You can also try this if you prefer trading crypto online.


Although Binance is international, it has a strong presence in Turkey. So, if you are looking to buy Bitcoin from Turkey, this is an online platform worth considering. It is localized to accept Lira and helps locals buy and sell crypto conveniently. Binance has thrived globally because of its smooth and secure transactions. This is exactly what you will enjoy when you consider this platform to buy or sell Bitcoin.


As far as reliable exchange platforms to buy Bitcoin from Turkey, OKX has won a slot on the list. It is a DeFi platform that not only allows saving and lending to earn on interest and dividends but also allows convenient crypto buying and selling. It is best suited for seasoned traders who are ready to explore other crypto opportunities in Turkey. The trading fee for BTC and all other digital assets is relatively fair. Therefore, give it a try and you will not regret it.


The list of the best platforms to buy Bitcoin from Turkey is not complete without mentioning BTCTurk. It is among the oldest platforms in the country, which has evolved together with the sector to offer services that meet the crypto trading needs of the people. Apart from Bitcoin, you can also buy and sell hundreds of other crypto coins.

Final Say

There are many options to buy Bitcoin from Turkey. Whether you read about them or consult with experts, you will get excellent crypto trading services from any of the platforms. As most people seek crypto coins, you should too. All you need to do is research, understand how each works, and pick your option. As you can see, there is an option for those who prefer physical options and online options.

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