Contextual Advertising: Placement and Management

Types of contextual advertising

The main characteristic of contextual advertising is its selectivity: ads are seen only by those users who have shown interest in the product or service being advertised. In other words, contextual advertising is placed only on those Internet pages, the content of which corresponds to the subject of the advertisements themselves. The carriers of such advertisements are banners or text-graphic advertisements.

To determine the degree to which advertisements match the content of a particular page, experts apply the principle of keywords. It should be noted that the work of UK search engines is based on the same principle, therefore, contextual advertising is much more likely to be shown to the user who receives the information he needs about services and goods using search engines.

Thanks to this feature, contextual advertising is much more likely to attract the attention of the target audience to your product or service. After all, it is shown only to those users whose area of ​​interest coincides with the subject of your ads.

Types of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising can be of two types: search and thematic.

Search ads are commonly found in internet search results and are always displayed in response to specific user queries.

Subject advertising can be considered as additional information on a page, the content of which corresponds to the search query and, accordingly, the subject of the advertisement itself. Such advertisements are always placed using special services. Note that, unlike search advertising, contextual advertising on Internet resources is placed in accordance with the results of dividing users into groups. In turn, groups are allocated according to user interests. 

The main platforms for placing contextual advertising

The agency “SEO Calling” is engaged in the implementation of advertising campaigns on the Internet using such well-known services as:

• Yandex, which is a tool for displaying contextual advertisements in Yandex and resources participating its advertising network,

• Runner, is a system of contextual advertising in search Rambler, as well as the well-known advertising sites Runet,

• the Google the AdWords representing service of contextual search advertising of the Internet giant Google, characterized by a variety of tools for creating effective advertisements and the widest partner network.

Contextual advertising campaigns are created in several stages.

Contextual advertising is an effective method of non-search website promotion. With its help, it becomes possible to attract even more potential customers to the site. In addition, in contextual advertising, the customer pays not for impressions, but for real transitions to a resource following a link from an ad. At the same time, contextual advertising is characterized by a large number of settings, due to which it is possible to manage an advertising campaign even better, while saving money resources.

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7 more advantages of contextual advertising:

• clear targeting (the ad “communicates” only with the target audience in the required region, at the right time and day of the week, which makes it possible for flexible management),

• pay-per-click (clicking on the link),

• convenient distribution of the company’s budget,

• quick launch of the advertising campaigns (in a few hours),

• the efficiency of tracking the advertising campaign,

• the ability to quickly change the advertising message,

• ideal compliance with the tasks of one-time or short-term promotions.

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