Kasol and Around – 9 Hippie Himalayan Destinations, India

In India, it is summertime and the roads are on fire! In earnest, we all need our dosage of mountaineering with the mercury soaring by about 48° in New Delhi and 35° in Mumbai and all around. Almost everyone I know is on a weekend or somewhere else going to the mountains.

The parties from the family and the Honeymoon couple are heading somewhere, such as New Manali, Shimla, Nainital, and Palampur. And where are the majority of them going? Kasol!

Where’s Kasol?

In northern India, Kasol is located near Manali in Himachal Pradesh. It is part of the hippy route in India in the Parvati valley.

I recommend you to try some nearby destinations if you go to Kasol this summer. Some can be reached by a fast walk, a couple of hours by bus but most can only be reached if you walk.

Here’s a list of 9 hippy Himalayan destinations you can visit from Kasol anyhow.

01) Kasol

Now a party hotspot filled with young travelers, which formerly was a beautiful small destination near the Parvati River. Why go there? Why do they go there? There are several causes for this. The evident ones are that they are an excellent respite from the heat of the Himalayas and are easily accessible through an overnight bus from Delhi. It is also a wonderful place for young travelers since Kasol is generally free of children and couples with honeymoons. The major reason is that it has a psychotic underground culture and easy access to certain home-grown, purer, cheap, and more potent magic plants than what you obtain in the cupboard shops of Amsterdam.

02) Chalal

Chalal’s the closest to Kasol on the list is a no-brainer. It is possible to reach Chalal simply by crossing the Kasol river bridge. Wooden houses and cafés — Kasol’s near, but it feels like another universe. The views are spectacular. Freedom café in Chalal has the nicest view.

03) Tosh

Tosh is a wonderful town which, in spite of the new road erected to make this site more accessible, has yet managed to keep its modest character.

In the village there is no road, therefore walking is the only transport mode. When you stroll down the bottom of Tosh and pass through the town there is a small waterfall trail.

You don’t have to reserve a space before. Just go to Siva Moon, Shiva Garden, or Pink Floyd cafés and ask for a room.

04) Kheerganga

The only method to access Kheerganga is to hike 5-6 km from Tosh. The recompense? A heated swimming pool in this snow-capped mountain-top town! Lord Shiva pondered for 3000 years in Kherganga, and water from hot springs should be sacred. Legend has it.

05) Kalga, Pulga Tulga

The three separate communities of Kalga, Tulga, and Pulga are generally known as a trio. Legend has it that these were formerly the names of three sisters who were living centuries ago in this valley.

Like Tosh, you may approach these three settlements from Barshani (or Barshaini), on the other side of the River Parvati. Pulga and Tulga are the closest to Barshai. The road to Kalga is picturesque from Barshaini and is flanked by mountain forests.

If you plan to stay in Kalga, consider looking for a nice sadhu baba’s “The Pink House.” If you stay at the Peace Place hotel in Tulga, you can do that.

06) Rashol (or Rasol)

Trekking from Kasol via the settlement of Chalal is only possible to access Rasol. You will watch “Magic Rasol” on the rocks with arrows leading you to your destination, as you pass Chalal. The hike is easy and takes around 3 hours, and towards the end, it becomes steeper. The rhododendron trees with vivid crimson blossoms surround this hike.

07) Malana

It isn’t as easy to walk to Malana as Tosh or Kalga, it is short as Kheerganga. The lonely town where Malana has long been separated from the rest of the world and many claim it is the world’s oldest democracy.

According to legend, many years ago, the Great Alexander Army took refuge and finally stayed here for many years. Thus, Malana was formed in this opinion by the remnants of his army, and many Malana people are the descendants of the Greek shoulders of Alexander the Grand. The Milanese people regard all foreigners as untouchable, so don’t touch or photograph anybody.

08) Old Manali

Manali is the most famous destination on this list and has become widely distributed throughout the years. Please note, however, that Manali has two portions – New Manali and Old Manali, where I recommend going, the first one is the touristy region and the second one.

In the original 1960s and 1970s, Old Manali was the starting point before exploring all the local destinations. For a reminiscent supper at Kathmandu, we highly propose you eat the freshly caught river trout fish. Try your German bakery’s Yak cheese sandwiches, special Mushroom omelet (magic) omelets in a Sunshine café, or take care of your dreadlocks.

09) Vashisht

Vashisht is better known for its thermal springs than Kasol. The bathroom is within the temple and is separate for both women and men. Back in January 2010, when I thought of diving into the hot water pool and unforgettably it started to snow, I visited the place and had an unbelievable experience.

Perhaps it was my imagination, but inexplicably the water from the hot wells seemed hotter when it snowed. I was not able to dip more than my toe in this water because of this dramatic temperature change! It was great since some local women were the only ones inside of the pool and they laughed at my odd reaction.

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