Uttarakhand’s Best Short Treks

No place is better suitable to you than the fascinating Uttarakhand if you’re someone who always wants to get lost in the mountains. It is a place of wonder and beauty with a hazard. This northern state of India, located on the foothills of the impressive and magnificent Himalayas, is a place of various sights. Uttarakhand. The world capital of yoga – Rishikesh, a ski paradise and adventurous trekking routes – Uttarkhand is a hotbed of travelers and is the home of India’s most famous pilgrimage places.

While in Uttarakhand always there’s a lot to do, its scenic sceneries never seem to leave you; they are all over you; thick, green forests, vast valleys, giant clouds, scattered through the blue turquoise sky, meandering roads leading to picturesque villages on hilltops and serpentine rivers that keep you company anywhere. But when we have grown up in India, we are well aware of the apparent beauty of Uttarakhand, but most of us find that only a walker has experienced Uttarakhand’s true unfiltered grandeur. Taking a trek to Uttarakhand is packed with numerous short and easy walks that lead to the greatest places.

Binsar Trek

It can be rather difficult to search for the quintessential short weekend walk-in Uttarakhand which not only will allow the adventurer to brighten through you but also ensure that you have the energy to go to work on Monday. But you will find that all boxes are checked by Binsar Trek. The 22 km trek, which begins with the Binsar wildlife sanctuary, promises to be a kind from the very outset of the journey. On the first day of the two-day trek, the trail leads you to Dhaulchina, where you cross the moose colorful pine forests, rivulets of sapphires, blossoming flowerings, and open areas of wildflowers.

Deoban Trek

One of Uttarakhand’s best short walks in the name DeĆ³ban, short for Deodar trees and forest-like prohibitions. The 20 km Deoban Trek, which is mainly covered with Deodar trees, is kept by its name and is a wonderful sight, not a redundant one. But this is not the specialty of the Deoban Trek, it is unique that you can see 55 magnificent peaks while you are on your trail! Yes, five and fifty! There could be no trek to provide a better mountain view.

Nag Tibba Trek

Looking for a short and easy walk that you’ll never forget about on a journey? This is for you Nag Tibba Trek! The trek lasts just two days and one night and is simply one of the best short weekend treks in Uttarakhand and is nevertheless in your memory.

The trip begins at the picturesque village of Panthwari, the departure point for the trek, on a 4-hour drive from Dehradun city. The road trip alone is great and gives you a perfect sneak peek of the beauty and splendor, as you cross the evergreen hills of Mussoorie, the magnificent Kempty Falls, and the steel-blue waters. On day 1 you will start your trek from Panthwari and finish in Nag Temple for the day. Day 2 will take you to the summit of Nag Tibb, the Serpent’s Peak which is 3022 meters above sea level from where the Srikanth, Swargarohini, Gangotri, Bandarpoonch can be seen.

Kugina Pass Trek

It does not get better than Kugina Pass to those who love to pass through unknown and less explored countries. This virgin trail is one of Uttarakhand’s best beginners with just one day of hiking. The trail starts from Lohajung to Wan and starts from a small river and a small bridge. You pass through this bridge through oak, rhododendron, water points, and charming small rest spots, which are carefully built to travel enthusiasts. The route leads you to the valley of Kuga.

A little way onto the path, you will find yourself, depending on the season and on the winter, in the wonderland of the mountains with your eyes only catching powdery snow, in the background. As you pass, 15 mountain peaks come together in all their glory to welcome you. The location is so stunning that it seems almost unbelievable that it takes only a few hours to reach it.

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